Optical Tweezers and a Quantum Gas Microscope

The goal of this project was to be able to control individual atoms (or qubits) for quantum computing and quantum information science experiments. In order to do so I:

  • generated 2D dynamic, arbitrarily arranged, sub-micron optical tweezers using holography and acousto-optic deflectors, for manipulating individual (or small groups of) neutral atoms
  • and then designed and built the setup for a quantum gas microscope (QGM) to image the atoms and tweezers with single-site resolution.

This project involved

  • designing and building the necessary optical setups
  • programming FPGA and C electronic devices for controlling the deflectors
  • creating and (3D) printing mechanical mounts and electronics circuits
  • writing the algorithms for holography and dynamically arranging tweezers

More info can be found in the poster (link above) as well as our paper coming out soon.

PhD Candidate in Particle Physics and Machine Learning