Boosted multi-Higgs with jets measurements in CMS


Characterising double-Higgs production has been a major part of the LHC physics program in Run 2 and beyond. We discuss new techniques and results in boosted, hadronic final states in CMS, with a focus on wide-radius jet taggers and data-driven multi-jet background estimation, as well as measurements of gluon-gluon- and vector-boson-fusion HH production in the 4 beauty quark final state in 138fb^-1 of data at √s = 13 TeV, which observed (expected) a cross section of 9.9 (5.1) relative to the SM prediction and excluded the quartic VVHH coupling κ2V = 0 for the first time. Finally, we look ahead to possible new final states and improvements to triggers and techniques in Run 3.

Jul 31, 2023
Raghav Kansal
Raghav Kansal
PhD Candidate in Particle Physics and Machine Learning