Fermilab LPC Graduate Scholarship
For searches for flavour changing neutral currents, ML for simulation, and self-supervised learning for jet classification.
2021-22 Carol and George Lattimer Award for Graduate Excellence
One of two recipients of this award, which ‘honors outstanding graduate students in the Division of Physical Sciences who seek interdisciplinary approaches to problem solving and have a strong commitment to education, mentorship, and service.’
Fermilab LPC Artificial Intelligence Fellowship
For ML-based fast simulation software, ML techniques for reconstruction, compression, and anomaly detection tasks, and a boosted Higgs to WW tagger for precision measurements.
CERN Openlab Summer Students Lightning Talks Award Runner-Up
For the talk ‘Deep Graph Neural Networks for Fast HGCAL Simulation’
2019 IRIS-HEP Fellowship
For the project ‘HGCAL Fast Simulation with Graph Networks’
2019 John Holmes Malmberg Prize
Sole recipient of this prize, which is ‘presented annually at commencement to a graduating physics student who is recognized for potential for a career in physics and a measure of experimental inquisitiveness.’
2018-2019 Physical Sciences Dean’s Undergraduate Award for Excellence
One of 33 students from the departments of Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry ‘recognized for excellence in academics and fundamental research’.
2018 William A. Lee Undergraduate Research Award
For the project ‘Arbitrary ultra-cold atomic lattices using holographic optical tweezers’