Raghav Kansal

Raghav Kansal

PhD Candidate in Particle Physics and Machine Learning

University of California, San Diego


Hi, I’m a high energy physics (HEP) PhD candidate at UCSD (Duarte Lab), on the CMS experiment at the Large Hadron Collider at CERN, and 2023 Fermilab LPC Graduate Scholar.


I’m developing deep generative models for LHC simulations (MPGAN); I was awarded the Fermilab Artificial Intelligence Fellowship in 2021 to implement these for CMS.

I’m also searching for double-Higgs events and new particles, which involves developing a geometric deep learning classifier for Higgs to WW jets.

Finally, I have a number of computational side projects I work and mentor students on, including equivariant neural networks, explainable AI, and the JetNet package for ML in HEP.

Last updated: 10th September 2023

Can you figure out what connects the backgrounds?

  • Higgs Measurements
  • Generative Modelling / Fast Simulations
  • Physics-informed and Equivariant ML
  • PhD in Physics, 2019 -

    University of California, San Diego, 3.97/4.00

  • BSc in Physics and Computer Engineering, 2019

    University of California, San Diego
    summa cum laude, 3.98/4.00