Higgs Searches

I’m interested in precision measurements of the Higgs boson, as well as searches for new Higgs-like particles to explain mysteries such as baryon asymmetry. I’m currently leading the analysis of 2016-2018 CMS data looking for two high-momentum Higgs bosons (H) decaying to beauty quarks (b) and vector bosons (V). For this, in collaboration with Peking University and Fermilab, I developed a state-of-the-art transformer network to classify between H→VV particle clouds and backgrounds.

I’m leading as well the search for new Higgs-like particles (X, Y) decaying to beauty quarks and vector bosons. We expect to set strong limits on both Higgs to VV couplings and X→HY cross sections.

I have also been involved in di-Higgs searches in the 4b final state, the most sensitive measurement to date to di-Higgs production and the two-vector-boson coupling.